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Your Competitors Will Wish They Found This Before You

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Calling all Jewelry Retailers and Wholesalers.

What if you could...

Turn heads with your jewelry..

Stand out amongst the sea of traditional gold pieces..

Have customers queue up, eager for your latest collection..

By just adding ONE product to your inventory?


Well, it’s possible!

If you’ve been seeking that X-factor for your collection, we might just have what you need..

We like to call them gold chains with a twist..

Think big, bold, dazzling gold chains that are trendy, and made with REAL gold 


Are also hollow.

And so,they are light on the neck and the pocket..

With an irresistibly competitive price point that is a fraction of the cost of gold.


That’s the edge we're offering with our latest technology at Aurum 3D Tech.

These gold chains crafted with 3D printing technology are shaking up the jewelry world..

And trust us, you’ll want to be in the loop 🙌

Feather-light Comfort

Diverse Range Of Styles

Affordably Luxurious Appeal

Cutting-edge 3D Printing Technology

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Imagine becoming the first choice for customers seeking the next big thing in gold jewelry..

And standing out and be that unique retailer everyone talks about.

Click “LEARN MORE” to get a copy of our product catalogue and pricelist and find out more about this technology.

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